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Nabda Roadmap

Here's a snapshot of what we're working on now:

Now available!

Financial Aid Automation

  • Integrate financial aid application forms directly into Nabda and automate the process of indicating the amount of financial aid each student receives. Once approved, the financial aid is automatically set for the student, requiring no additional effort from the administration.
Now available!

Free Response Question Update and Editor

  • Implement a word limit feature for free response questions, allowing instructors to set a maximum number of words for student responses. Additionally, provide students with a fully functional editor to help them craft their responses more effectively.
Now available!

Teacher Gradebook

  • View all of your students and all of their grades and assignments in a single view and take the appropriate action to manage your courses effectively.

Lesson Analytics

  • Review detailed analytics for lessons, including metrics such as student engagement, completion rates, and performance trends. This feature enables educators to assess the effectiveness of their lessons and make data-driven decisions to improve teaching strategies and also provide personalized support for students.

Zoom Integration

  • Integrate Zoom for seamless virtual classroom experiences. This feature allows educators to schedule, manage, and conduct Zoom meetings directly within the platform.

Direct Communications

  • Enable direct email communication between teachers and students. This feature allows educators to send personalized emails to individual students or groups.

Document Upload

  • Enable teachers to upload and attach documents to their lessons, providing students with additional resources and reading materials.
  • Allow teachers to upload documents related to assessments, such as guidelines, rubrics, and additional instructions.

Student Levels and Tagging

  • Our student leveling system will help categorize students based on their progress and performance. Think grade levels. Levels can be used to tailor the learning experience and provide targeted support.
  • Our private tagging feature will further help schools manage and organize their students with specific attributes, notes, or categories. This will help schools efficiently track student information, help identify student needs, and enables personalized support.

Student Feedback

  • Allow your students to give feedback on courses, lessons, and overall learning experience. This feature will help educators gather valuable insights to improve their teaching methods and course content.

School and Course Forums

  • Enable students and teachers to communicate in a unified school forum.
  • Also enable students in individual courses to communicate with one another.